Finance Advisory

Financial Advisory has in store personal financial planning for clients to achieve their future financial needs by investing in competent return oriented instruments.


We prioritise your goals with technical excellence, confidentiality and ethical long lasting relationship with our clients. To ensure you meet your financial goals, our financial planning team use high grade knowledge to suit your requirements and all our investment advice is backed by in-depth research.

While advising borrowers, our financial structuring and restructuring Services include:

  • Analyzing the borrower’s business plan.
  • Reviewing historical financial and operational information.
  • Analyzing the borrower’s cash flow projections.
  • Developing required financial reporting tools.
  • Monitoring results daily, weekly and monthly.
    Comparing results to prior performance.
  • Comparing results to future projections.
  • Preparing detailed financial analysis reports.
  • Preparing proposed restructuring plans.
  • Assist in transferring or shifting short term loans to medium to long term credit facilities.